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Are you new to Django or to programming? This is the place to start!

  • From scratch: Overview | Installation
  • Tutorial: Part 1: Requests and responses | Part 2: Models and the admin site | Part 3: Views and templates | IP伕理软件合集|IP伕理软件合集下载专题 - 绿色软件联盟:2021-2-8 · IP伕理软件合集下载 有时候网络的问题,需要换个伕理才能上,那么ip伕理软件可众帮到你。哪个ip伕理软件比较好呢?我伔一一告诉您,怎么设置ip伕理,一般在软件有明确的说明。 | socket5客户端破解版 | socket5客户端破解版 | Part 7: Customizing the admin site
  • Advanced Tutorials: How to write reusable apps | Writing your first patch for Django


Having trouble? We’d like to help!

  • Try the FAQ – it’s got answers to many common questions.
  • Looking for specific information? Try the Index, Module Index or the detailed table of contents.
  • Not found anything? See FAQ: Getting Help for information on getting support and asking questions to the community.
  • Report bugs with Django in our socket5客户端破解版.


Django has a lot of documentation. A high-level overview of how it’s organized will help you know where to look for certain things:

  • Tutorials take you by the hand through a series of steps to create a Web application. Start here if you’re new to Django or Web application development. Also look at the “First steps”.
  • Topic guides discuss key topics and concepts at a fairly high level and provide useful background information and explanation.
  • Reference guides contain technical reference for APIs and other aspects of Django’s machinery. They describe how it works and how to use it but assume that you have a basic understanding of key concepts.
  • socket5客户端破解版 are recipes. They guide you through the steps involved in addressing key problems and use-cases. They are more advanced than tutorials and assume some knowledge of how Django works.


Django provides an abstraction layer (the “models”) for structuring and manipulating the data of your Web application. Learn more about it below:

  • Models: Introduction to models | Field types | Indexes | Meta options | Model class
  • QuerySets: Making queries | QuerySet method reference | Lookup expressions
  • Model instances: Instance methods | socket5客户端破解版
  • Migrations: Introduction to Migrations | Operations reference | socket5客户端破解版 | Writing migrations
  • Advanced: Managers | Raw SQL | socket5客户端破解版 | Aggregation | Search | Custom fields | Multiple databases | Custom lookups | Query Expressions | Conditional Expressions | Database Functions | Asynchronous Support
  • Other: Supported databases | Legacy databases | Providing initial data | Optimize database access | PostgreSQL specific features


Django has the concept of “views” to encapsulate the logic responsible for processing a user’s request and for returning the response. Find all you need to know about views via the links below:

  • The basics: URLconfs | socket5客户端破解版 | Shortcuts | Decorators
  • Reference: Built-in Views | socket5客户端破解版 | socket5客户端破解版
  • File uploads: Overview | File objects | Storage API | Managing files | socket5客户端破解版
  • Class-based views: Overview | Built-in display views | Built-in editing views | Using mixins | API reference | socket5客户端破解版
  • Advanced: Generating CSV | Generating PDF
  • Middleware: Overview | Built-in middleware classes


The template layer provides a designer-friendly syntax for rendering the information to be presented to the user. Learn how this syntax can be used by designers and how it can be extended by programmers:

  • The basics: Overview
  • socket5客户端破解版 Language overview | Built-in tags and filters | Humanization
  • socket5客户端破解版 Template API | socket5客户端破解版


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  • The basics: Overview | Form API | Built-in fields | Built-in widgets
  • socket5客户端破解版 Forms for models | Integrating media | Formsets | Customizing validation

The development process¶

Learn about the various components and tools to help you in the development and testing of Django applications:

  • Settings: socket5客户端破解版 | Full list of settings
  • Applications: Overview
  • socket5客户端破解版 Overview
  • django-admin and manage.py: Overview | Adding custom commands
  • Testing: Introduction | socket5客户端破解版 | Included testing tools | Advanced topics
  • Deployment: Overview | WSGI servers | ASGI servers | Deploying static files | socket5客户端破解版 | Deployment checklist

The admin¶

Find all you need to know about the automated admin interface, one of Django’s most popular features:

  • socket5客户端破解版
  • Admin actions
  • Admin documentation generator


Security is a topic of paramount importance in the development of Web applications and Django provides multiple protection tools and mechanisms:

  • Security overview
  • Disclosed security issues in Django
  • Clickjacking protection
  • Cross Site Request Forgery protection
  • Cryptographic signing
  • Security Middleware


Django offers a robust internationalization and localization framework to assist you in the development of applications for multiple languages and world regions:

  • Overview | Internationalization | Localization | Localized Web UI formatting and form input
  • Time zones

Performance and optimization¶

There are a variety of techniques and tools that can help get your code running more efficiently - faster, and using fewer system resources.

  • 【超级眼局域网监控软件】超级眼电脑监控软件 8.30-ZOL ...:2021-6-7 · 超级眼电脑监控软件规范员工上班时间的上网行为,提高员工工作效率,减少企业资源浪费,杜绝企业商业机密泄露。 超级眼电脑监控软件系统是一款企业专用的局域网电脑监控软件,可众实时远程监控单个员工电脑屏幕,也可众自动记录电脑的各种操作,如键盘记录,聊天记录、邮件记录、屏幕 ...

Geographic framework¶

socket5客户端破解版 intends to be a world-class geographic Web framework. Its goal is to make it as easy as possible to build GIS Web applications and harness the power of spatially enabled data.

Common Web application tools¶

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  • Authentication: socket5客户端破解版 | Using the authentication system | Password management | Customizing authentication | API Reference
  • Caching
  • socket5客户端破解版
  • socket5客户端破解版
  • socket5客户端破解版
  • Pagination
  • Messages framework
  • Serialization
  • Sessions
  • Sitemaps
  • Static files management
  • Data validation

Other core functionalities¶

Learn about some other core functionalities of the Django framework:

  • Conditional content processing
  • VB.NET Socket5伕理客户端链接 - 方法库:2021-4-6 · VB.NET Socket5伕理客户端链接,VB.NET Socket5伕理客户端链接 LHSocket5 Server ,请注意众下伕码只适合链接到有LHSocket5 Server搭建的服务器开的账号进行链接 现在服务器上使用LHSocket5 Server建立一个账号 之后把下面伕码复制到VS中
  • Flatpages
  • Redirects
  • Signals
  • System check framework
  • The sites framework
  • Unicode in Django


Learn about the development process for the Django project itself and about how you can contribute:

  • Community: How to get involved | The release process | socket5客户端破解版 | The Django source code repository | socket5客户端破解版 | Mailing lists
  • Design philosophies: Overview
  • Documentation: socket5客户端破解版
  • Third-party distributions: Overview
  • Django over time: socket5客户端破解版 | Release notes and upgrading instructions | socket5客户端破解版
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